We are a team of experienced official tour guides, but perhaps more importantly, we have a passion for all things Turkish, and in sharing our culture with you. With Istanbul Local Guides, you are getting more than a tour guide, you are getting a Turkish friend, an insider who can unlock the mysteries of ancient and modern Istanbul, from our oldest traditions to present-day life. We lead individuals and small groups and specialize in interfaith and intercultural understanding. Our guides can lead you on the specialized adventure of your choosing, making your trip personalized to you. We will help you to learn more, do more, and have more fun in our country!

We believe that Turkey is the most beautiful and fascinating country in the world. Our company is dedicated to sharing our passion and knowledge about the art, architecture, and history of this amazing city. Our professional licenced local guides offer tours of the highest qualities which are not only informative but entertaining as well. They know their city in depth and will make you discover the secrets and treasures of the Eternal City

Istanbul Local Guides has you covered, whether you prefer a full or half-day tour,Turkey Tour,Cappadocia tour,Ephesus tour,Hotel reservations, private luxury transport or a minibus. You'll start to experience our personable, reliable, and timely service as soon as you send us your first email. We're on call and ready to provide you with suggestions for a complete program or customizable itinerary.

My country has a lot to show and tell you... Let us help you to enjoy your time here...

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Istanbul Local Guides Team

Who We Are

Aykut Ayık

Aykut Ayik

Hi! I'm Aykut, your gateway to the enchanting city of Istanbul. Educated at Ege University’s Guidance Department, I’ve spent over a decade unveiling the secrets of this majestic city to curious travelers.

Living in Istanbul is a privilege, and guiding here is my passion. I craft tours with a personal touch, ensuring that every visitor leaves with memories that linger far beyond their journey’s end.

Whether you’re here for a brief encounter or a deep dive into the city’s soul, my commitment to excellence begins with your first message. Ready with tailored suggestions, I’ll help you craft the perfect itinerary.

Join me, and let’s embark on an unforgettable exploration of Istanbul, where every step tells a story. Let’s make your visit not just a trip, but a tale of discovery and delight.

Duygu Gümüşay

Duygu Gumusay

Istanbul captivates me with countless wonders; it’s not just a city but a symphony of experiences. The Bosphorus’ gentle whispers, Taksim’s untold tales, Hagia Sophia’s grandeur, the Grand Bazaar’s intricate dance, and the aromatic allure of Turkish coffee are just the beginning.

For a fleeting visit, any city might suffice, but this is Istanbul—a tapestry of history and heartbeats. As a seasoned tour guide since 2006, I invite you to see Istanbul through the eyes of someone who adores every corner of it.

From grand tours of Turkey’s legendary sites to the intimate streets of Istanbul, my journey has been one of discovery and passion. Marriage turned my gaze fully to this city, where I lead exploratory walks through its vibrant heart. I understand the traveler’s quest for authenticity and offer a gateway to hidden treasures and culinary delights. Let’s wander together, savoring the city’s fusion of ancient and modern, on paths less trodden, in the city I love.

Semih Gümüşay

Semih Gumusay

Embracing the roles of a loving father and husband, my life is a tapestry woven with familial bonds and the vibrant threads of travel and cultural discovery.

Initiating my guiding odyssey in 2007, I credit my vocation to a mentor who left an indelible mark on my soul—my high school English teacher. My path also meandered through the halls of academia, imparting English at a prestigious university in Istanbul. While the city’s iconic landmarks are my canvas, its secret splendors are my muse.

Embark with me on an authentic voyage through Istanbul, as seen through the eyes of a native—a true Istanbulite. Experience the interplay of continents as the sun dips below the horizon and the Bosphorus’ waters reflect the day’s last light. In a city carved by the hands of empires, I offer you not just a tour, but a narrative woven from the very essence of history and modernity. Together, let’s uncover the soul of Istanbul, ensuring your visit becomes a chapter in your own epic story.